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Ishikawa Haruka is the 8th Instructor for the Japanese Diet Security Team and Anti-Terrorism Squad. The group has cycled through 7 Kyoukans in as many years due to their inevitable targeting by terrorist groups, until Ishikawa took the position in 2022. As intelligent and composed as he is, he would not have lasted long if not for the constant protection of his bodyguard and Assistant Instructor Iwase Motohisa. Iwase rarely lets Ishikawa out of his sight for even a moment, and is fiercely devoted to the charismatic leader. In fact, the entire force is enamored with Ishikawa, which only adds to his ability to command respect and adoration from the team. Now, the real test for Ishikawa is not only surviving the constant barrage of terrorist threats, but also the affection of the squad... (Source: Senshigakuen)
I was invited to join the country as an otherworldly warrior, but I refused and decided to start as a soldier
Totsuka Yukikazu was a student in the peaceful Japan, when suddenly during class break, he and his classmates were caught up in a summoning to another world. In the otherworld he got offered a position as an otherworldly warrior that would fight for the kingdom or the choice to take his freedom and walk his own path. With a mysterious voice in his head that told him to abandon the castle life, he decided to take his own path and become an adventurer! ... After he finishes his 2 year mandatory military service
Battle Angel Alita: Mars Chronicle
Third part of the Gunnm series after GUNNM and GUNNM Last Order. [Official English](https://kodansha.us/series/battle-angel-alita-mars-chronicle/)
The Strongest War God
The strongest soldier and a band of ferocious heroes -- fighting for their country, fighting for their people! Only death can stop them, and they will press on until their dying breaths! This is a book for men! A hot-blooded story!
Matantei Loki Ragnarok - Shin Sekai no Kamigami
A continuation of Matantei Loki's story. It features new Gods, as it's an age for them.
Tokyo Doragon Naito
It was just a normal day for Kokoro and his friends, until they received a grim shock: their world had been invaded by dragons! These vicious dragons consumed every human they saw, and destroyed everything in their paths. Japan’s military turned out to be useless against these creatures. Just as all hope was lost, a mysterious classified military division appeared, with knowledge of these dragons’ secrets. What is this unknown division? How do they have information on these never-before-seen dragons? Where did these dragons come from? What is their purpose? Who is their leader? Can Kokoro and his friends unravel these mysteries before it’s too late?
The typical Kochikame plot involves Ryo-san coming up with a money-making scheme by inventing a new gadget or capitalizing on a fad, achieving great success, calling on Nakagawa ms help as things turn sour, and finally losing it all as the fad runs out of steam or out of control. While the plots are gag-driven, much of the humor comes from the juxtaposition of mundane characters with the bizarrely incongruous (Nakagawan s wealth, Maria s appeal, everyone s lack of actual police work), most of which is never explained or rationalized in the slightest. One of the longest running shounen mangas, with over 1500 chapters and still going.
Mobile Suit Gundam Aggressor
Exiled soldiers from Zeon join the E.F.S.F. and form a unit called "Aggressor."
Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire
The highly virulent C-virus became a global disaster, but where did the outbreak start? In this prequel to the hit Resident Evil 6 game, the terrifying origins are revealed. At the prestigious and elite Marhawa High School in Singapore, a female student suffers a horrifying transformation. Called in to investigate, Professor Doug Wright and his nephew Ricky find themselves caught up in a deadly and growing tragedy. As things get rapidly out of hand, Chris Redfield and his team from the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance arrive on the scene, while behind it all a mysterious figure looms.
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs The Lone Marebito
Narumi Detective Agency is where the people of old Japan go to for mysterious and supernatural cases. But Narumi is just the face of the operation and the real hero is Kuzunoha Raido, the devil summoner. As a devil summoner, Raido can call upon many different demons to assist him in solving cases that deal with other demons causing harm in the human world. Lately, there have been a surge of cases and a powerful summoner seems to be behind all the incidents. Is the Narumi-Raido combo strong enough to overcome the demon force more powerful than anything they have experienced before?
Lupin III: World’s Most Wanted
Lupin the Third and his motley crew return in Shin Lupin III! This time, several of the stories are either brand-new or adapted from or to the Lupin Part 2 anime, and the beginning story was even animated by itself several years later! Lupin the Third is the grandson of the famous literary thief Arsène Lupin, and his partners in crime include the sharpshooter Jigen Daisuke, the stoic samurai Goemon Ishikawa the Thirteenth, and the on-again-off-again lover/rival Fujiko Mine. Their object is to steal the most valuable and important items while evading the guard of Inspector Koichi Zenigata, the ever-vigilant ICPO chief whose life goal is to capture Lupin, but when it’s fulfilled, he’s lost his purpose! What kids of exciting adventures will they get themselves into in...Shin Lupin III!
Manshu Ahen Squad
Circa 1937. A Japanese soldier in Manchuria starts meddling in the opium trade but finds he may have bitten more than he can chew...
Azur Lane - Two Little Fluffs (Doujinshi)
Azur Lane Dōjinshi dedicated to the childhood of two battleships IJN Kaga and IJN Tosa. Posted to r/AzureLane by u/Sivilarr. Manga is based on the mobile game Azur Lane, which is about anthropomorphised WWII ships.
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Define
6 hours ago
Universal Century 0087, seven years after the end of the One Year War between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon. Ensign Reccoa Londe has provided the Anti-Earth Union Group (AEUG) with information regarding possible mobile suit development at the civilian colonies of Green Noa. Lieutenant Quattro (Char Aznable) with his wingmen Lieutenant JGs Apolly (Andy) and Roberto (Ricardo) head to the colonies to investigate. On Green Noa 1, Kamille Bidan is rushing to the spaceport where the Temptation, a ship a former One Year War ace is on, is docking. He’s hoping to get an autograph from the famed Captain Bright Noa. As Bright explains that he’s on duty, Jerid and company interrupt the two. Jerid smacktalks Bright for receiving a two rank demotion upon refusing to join the Titans and grabs Kamille’s photo saying he should sign it as an elite member of the Federation. The two get into a scuffle and Kamille is hauled off for questioning. Matosh questions Kamille about being an AEUG insider but just then he’s freed after his story checks out. Just as the handcuffs come off, the Gundam MK-II crashes into the building…
Kidou Senshi Gundam Aggressor
Exiled soldiers from Zeon join the E.F.S.F. and form a unit called "Aggressor."
Fist of the North Star - Strawberry Flavor
In this *very* zany take on the dramatic series by Buronson and Tetsuo Hara, the end of the century… wasn't so bad, actually. A *very* special and brave Holy Emperor, Souther, wants to become more "involved" and to be on "friendly terms" with the noble Kenshiro & his posse. *Especially* Kenshiro. Due to his very outgoing nature, he also crashes the homes of his other buddies, often when they *especially* don't want him to show up! Join Souther as he releases his feelings in heart-throbbing, mind-bending confessions, settles complex and engrossing territorial disputes with deep and intricate consequences, enjoys the simple and introspective pleasures of a quiet dinner, and climbs the top of the rough and brutal pyramid that is the idol world - with the help of his best buddies, of course! Maybe even Kenshiro will be there - who knows! By the time it got its anime in 2015, *Strawberry Flavor* had sold over 1 million copies in Japan. The anime was composed of 2-minute long, abridged adaptations of select chapters from the first three volumes. They were placed after the main episodes of *DD Fist of the North Star* season 2. Every volume also contains at least one *gaiden* (side story). These gaiden are drawn in Yukito's (the elder sister of Yukito Imouto) normal artstyle, and expand on characters who did not receive gaiden during the Hokuto Gaiden period in the late 2000's. Gaiden List: Volume 1: Spade, Club & Diamond, Heart Volume 2: Souther Volume 3: Shuren & Huey Volume 4: Fudo Volume 5: Yuda Volume 6: Shin Volume 7: Falco & friends, Ein Volume 8: Ogai Volume 9: Devil Rebirth
Mosquito War
After a genetic mutation, mosquitoes have become the strongest predator on the planet. Will mankind be able to fight back?
Older Elite Knight Is Cute Only in Front of Me
Haru is a 16-year-old recruit of the "Black Hawk" 4th Cavalry Unit of the Knights' Regiment under the command of Captain Karen, a profoundly beautiful and fierce 29-year-old swordswoman, who, unbeknownst to all the unit except Haru, is a pure maiden with exactly zilch experience with men. Being privy to this delightful side of her, Haru secretly henpecks her and teases her lovingly, which turns her into a flustered and heavily-armed tomato. Watch as he slowly inches his way into her heart as he dodges her zweihänder!
Her super bodyguard
Retiring from the army, the king of soldier kings returned to the city and lived under the same roof with his icy fiancee who is a CEO. Being a substitute, he gained his fame, attracted those beauties and was bound to reach the pinnacle of his life. [Official English 2](https://www.flying-lines.com/comic/beautiful-ceo-s-superb-master-hand)
Crime Digging-Brother
Jiang Peng, a prison guard, was suspended from payment when a yellow porn magazine was confiscated from prison. The prisoner hanged himself. The yellow magazine contained a notebook full of unrecognized criminal records. Based on these criminal records, Jiang Peng made a visit and uncovered one by one
The Wolf Child Sora in the War Zone
As humans and demons continued endless wars, the mixed forces of various races, the anti-human allied special operations unit and the cross company, were developing local battles in a dense jungle. The captain of the third company, Dill, is bringing up children while running on the battlefield. It is a nemesis child to defeat. It was a small little human child.
Mobile Suit MOON Gundam
U.C.0092. A young boy from the Light Tribe named Yutta lives on the forgotten colony Moon Moon. There, he sees with his own eyes the remains of a mobile suit that drifted to his colony! A new Gundam saga penned by Harutoshi Fukui bridges the gap between ZZ and Char’s Counterattack in an explosive new comic!
Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam - Steel 7
Universal Century 0136, shortly after Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam - Skull Heart. Bernadette Briett's step-mother Europa Dogatie, flees to Earth to warn the Crossbone Vanguard that the Jupiter Empire is building a giant colony laser in order to destroy Earth. Tobia must race against time and agents of the Empire to recover a means with which to get to Jupiter, and to recruit the best pilots he can muster for what seems to be a suicide mission. This is loosely inspired by Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai film.
Two girls are friends, sisters, and soulmates. Yu Qi, a 17 year old high school student, wakes up to find that she and her 27 year old self had switched souls. One has to relive the experience of meeting her lover again and the other has to bear the responsibility of being her girlfriend, despite the unfamiliarity. Both worlds are always changing, but the only one who never changes is... you, who is always by my side.
Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru
I, an ordinary high school student, Kimizuka Kimihiko, who easily gets involved in things, was appointed to take care of mysterious attache cases by mysterious men in black suits. After meeting a beautiful angel-like detective girl, named Siesta in a hijacked plane, I became her assistant. And from there– [You deal with the beehive, and I’ll restrain the enemy.] [Don’t make plans that make me the victim.] We had those kinds of foolish conversations, all while being completely broke every day and fought against <The enemies of the world>. Even when there were hurricanes, the weather-beaten duo sleep past it. Sometimes when we saved money at a casino, we would jump around on the beds at a resort hotel, only to be broke again the next day. We would walk through deserts, traverse through jungles, conquer mountains, cross oceans– The great detective and her assistant would go through these dazzling adventures– Until she died. And this story starts from 1 year after that incident. I’m the only one who’s left, but I carry on her remained wishes. This story is far from over..
Kantai Collection -KanColle- Kaga Wife (Doujinshi)
This is a story about Kaga-san, a new wife who is trying to pass time while her husband is away.
The King Likes to Bully Me
The Leader of the Imperial Guard, Li Sheng, doesn't believe that "getting back together is torturous". So long as he does a good enough job (at being a simp), even an iceberg will melt into a puddle of water! It's a good thing that Martial Arts Master Lang is so handsome! This time, Li Sheng isn't running away! He's putting down roots and staying put! o(*////▽////*)o [Ruthless Emotional Military Genius Dom x Idiotic Masochist Imperial Guard Sub]
The Secret of Piron
(from MangaUpdates) The Secret of Piron: An alien boy crashed to Earth and hiding from his pursuers, with a little help from two boys he meets. Sangoro of the Mountains: About a boy raised by the creatures of the forest, who act remarkably human…
Kidou Sensei Gundam Gaiden - The Blue Destiny
Yuu Kajima is a soldier with the Earth Federation Forces during the One Year War, testing new technology before it's mass-produced. During a routine battle, he and his teammates come under attack from a mysterious blue Mobile Suit that attacks like a monster, barely escaping with their lives. Returning to base, Yuu is assigned to pilot that same machine - Blue Destiny. As he uses his new machine and clashes with Zeon ace Nimbus Schterzen, Yuu learns that there may be more to the enigmatic Blue Destiny and its EXAM System than he previously thought.
My Elite Senior Dame Knight Only Acts Cute to Me
Haru is a 16-year-old recruit of the "Black Hawk" 4th Cavalry Unit of the Knights' Regiment under the command of Captain Karen, a profoundly beautiful and fierce 29-year-old swordswoman, who, unbeknownst to all the unit except Haru, is a pure maiden with exactly zilch experience with men. Being privy to this delightful side of her, Haru secretly henpecks her and teases her lovingly, which turns her into a flustered and heavily-armed tomato. Watch as he slowly inches his way into her heart as he dodges her longsword! [hr]Light Novel: [url=https://bookwalker.jp/dea70138dd-e700-443b-8ec2-3e8e1a553b32/>Bookwalker[/url]
The Nuisance Daily Life of Robot-dependent Girl
The near future lily comedy that beautiful girls flirt! Genius robot pilot high school girl, Hagane. I'm withdrawing and staying in the cockpit. I do n’t want to go to the bathroom, so I wear diapers. I love Kotoha-chan, my only friend. “You can't do anything other than maneuvering the robot, but to return a huge debt, you will find a handy man from searching for lost dogs to getting rid of ghosts…!
I’ve Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Can Level Up
I’ve been reincarnated into a world of strategic gaming where I acquired number 1 Rank! I thought I would be reincarnated as a warrior in a gaming world that I know of, but I found myself to be a rogue lord who dies in the prologue! And I only have one day left before I die due to another country’s invasion..! Use all your wits, courage, and gaming knowledge to face your destiny! It’s a strategic fantasy where you risk your life to turn the tables!
The Civil War continues to wage on the island nation of Alistria. The Waldrons lead a small arms shop on this island when they receive a large order of rifles from the army. However, this turns out to be a ploy by the colonel who made the order. He uses his ties to the rebel army to have them ransack the shop. Having her husband killed, her daughter taken away and her own left eye lost, Sophia Waldron decides to take the only remaining sniper rifle and sets out for revenge!
Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. 0094 - Across The Sky
In Universal Century 0094, a live exercise for the MSN-001X Gundam Delta Kai is being carried out in outer space. This mobile suit is equipped the "NITRO System" that grants regular pilots the abilities of a Newtype. While the Gundam Delta Kai displays overwhelming power, a side-effect causes the test pilot's personality to become more aggressive. Back on Earth, the Earth Federation Forces aggressor squadron "Raven Corps" arrives at the Federation Forces Mariana base. Brothers Braier and Ing Ryude, who are pilots stationed at Mariana base, participate in a mobile suit mock-combat exercise with the Raven corps. During the exercise, the brothers are attacked by the Raven corps using live ammunition. Piko Altidore, captain of the Raven corps, reveals the object of the attack is the Gundam Delta Kai stored in "Area X" of the Mariana base. During the battle, Ing boards the Gundam Delta Kai to defend the base against the Raven corps' assault. However, the NITRO system brings about a berserk state in Ing, causing him to attack both allies and enemies. Piko manages to subdue the Gundam Delta Kai with a pulse grenade and opens a communication line with Ing. After this exchange, Ing seemingly joins the Raven Corps and departs the Mariana base in the Gundam Delta Kai.
Goddess' Commoner Soldier King
The famous soldier king returns to the city and became the assistant and driver of the beautiful chairwoman. For various reasons, he has been integrated into the circle of beauties, becoming the envy and hatred of all men. Be an ambassador for the flower envoy, earn some pocket money, and help beauties solve some troubles. Tang Xiaoyao says: I am the best friend of the goddess, don't try to hit on my goddess, or I will finish you. The commoner walks under the heaven, while the rich and wealthy moves in any direction they please.
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